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MPE has great settings available to set up your Motocross bike to suit Supercross or Freestyle Motocross, allowing to maintain good small bump feel an front end grip with excellent bottoming resistance.  our settings are used by many of Australia's top SX and FMX riders.


MPE Revalve


Suspension plays a big role in the overall handling of your bike, the way it feels on the track and your confidence in its ability to perform when you need it to.  Having your bike customised for your weight, ability and personal preferences greatly improves your riding enjoyment, performance and race results.


MPE's revalve services includes a complete suspension disassembly, cleaning, inspection and replacement of any worn parts.  Modifications are then made to the internal damping systems and spring rates matched to rider weight.


MPE Pro Series Revalve


For the serious racer, our Pro Series revalve includes all services in our enhanced suspension revalve, as well as optional Factory performance parts from KYB, Showa, WP and Factory Connection, to improve initial plushness, bottoming resistance and sensitivity.  Low friction suspension coatings are also available to be quoted on as a part of the Pro Series package.